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Armstrong® VidaShield at Colonial Materials

For construction pros in North and South Carolina

Armstrong® Ceiling Solutions provides quality ceiling products and accessories for contractors, builders, and homeowners in the U.S. and beyond. Armstrong’s VidaShield UV24 system is a revolution in clean room air solutions for any indoor environment where air quality and health are of premium value and concern.

Colonial Materials is committed to providing the best selection of quality construction supplies, and to helping protect the communities we serve. That’s why Armstrong air purification solutions, like VidaShield, are available* for pickup or delivery through any of our yards in North Carolina (Cary, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Pleasant Garden, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Wake Forest) and South Carolina (Fort Mill/Indian Land).

Visit a showroom or search our inventory online to learn more.

*Inventory varies by location. Call your local yard to confirm specific product availability. If we do not have in stock at your local yard, we will be glad to order it for you.

Air Purification Systems in the Carolinas

Colonial Materials carries the best air quality products for builders and contractors in North Carolina and South Carolina. Among our top air purification ceiling systems, we offer industry-leading solutions like:

The Armstrong VidaShield UV24™ Air Purification System

A 2'x4' system that operates continuously to draw air into a concealed chamber above the ceiling, the Armstrong VidaShield UV24 system employs a patented, scientifically proven, UV-C air-cleaning technology to recirculate clean air back into interior environments.

Armstrong’s VidaShield System pairs a UV-C Air Purifier with Ultima® Health Zone™ or School Zone™ Fine Fissured ceiling panels to offer safe, unobtrusive in-room air purification for cleaner air. Plus, shielded ultraviolet light and filtration elements deactivate pathogens and reduce the risk of indoor air transmission of viruses.

When it Comes to Your Health, Only the Best Will Do

Buy Armstrong VidaShield air purification systems at Colonial Materials throughout the Carolinas, and be assured you’ve chosen to protect your environments, and the people in them, with a solution that:

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Neutralizes pathogens in the air on the first pass through the unit
  • Incorporates patented, proven, VidaShield UV24™ technology
  • Reduces infectious aerosols spreading through the air, and settling back onto surfaces, via 24/7 continuous air cleaning
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular Armstrong ceilings and suspension system finishes

The Armstrong VidaShield UV24 Air Purification System:

  • Coordinates with Ultima® Health Zone™ AirAssure™ Ceilings for healthier spaces
  • Treats 50 cu.ft./min. or 3,000 cu.ft./hr.
  • Hides in the ceiling plenum in a self-contained UV-C chamber for safe use in occupied spaces
  • Saves space occupied by portable air-cleaning units
  • Is easy-to-install, and requires minimal maintenance, and no staff intervention to operate
  • Includes a 3-Year System Warranty

Fresh Air, Everywhere!

Perfect for new construction in the Carolinas, or retrofits in existing rooms. The Armstrong VidaShield UV24 Air Purification System is ideal for a wide range of environmental applications, including:

  • Healthcare – waiting rooms, patient rooms, hallways, break rooms, nurses’ stations, pharmacies
  • Education – classrooms, cafeterias, labs
  • Offices – conference rooms, entryways/lobbies, break rooms, open plan seating areas
  • Long-term care/Senior living
  • Restaurants
  • Daycare
  • Retail

Air Quality - A Crucial Need and the Means to Meet It

Via programs like the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER), the federal government has made significant funds available to schools seeking measures to increase safety in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. North Carolina alone has allocated nearly $1.5 Billion to air purification measures in the state's K-12 school systems.

With these vital needs still in place throughout our local communities, Colonial Materials stands ready to help, offering quality air purification solutions like Armstrong VidaShield.

Buy Armstrong VidaShield Ceiling Systems at Colonial Materials

Carolina (NC/SC) construction professionals - learn more about the VidaShield ceiling system from Armstrong or start your order now. Colonial Materials is your trusted source.


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In partnership with the top brands in the industry, Colonial Materials lives and works by one simple pledge: we strive to get the right products into our customers’ hands as quickly and safely as possible. As a proud member of the GMS family of companies, Colonial Materials provides the highest quality building materials to customers in NC and SC. Whether your Carolina construction projects call for drywall, insulation, acoustical tile, tools, or other building accessories, Colonial Materials is your go-to choice.

About Armstrong

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall, and suspension system solutions. For more than 150 years, the Armstrong name has stood for quality, trust, and integrity. Driven daily to deliver beautiful spaces, Armstrong is committed to constantly developing new, sustainable ceiling solutions that add value.

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Teaming up with the top brands in the industry, we have one simple pledge: to get the right products into our customers' hands as quickly and safely as possible.

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